See exclusive content of Kianna

See exclusive content of Kianna

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brawling Showgirls

Kianna couldn't decide if she wanted to fight or f*ck. One minute she was grabbing my boobs and giggling and the next minute she was telling me what a bad friend I was. After a short time I realized it was all just a clever ploy for her to seize the upper hand in a dirty apartment brawl. Clearly she wanted to kick my ass. Incredibly, this all stemmed from a dispute we had had at a strip club in Vancouver 5 years earlier. She claimed that I had "stolen" her customer. He always used to get dances with her and give her lots of money. Then he decided that he liked blondes. Was that really my fault? Kianna thought so and we had a grisly battle in my living room for female dominance. Hairpulling, choking, breast grabbing - you'll be amazed at the depths to which Kianna sinks when you take a gander at the photos below. Of course I had to stoop to her level- you can't negotiate with terrorists..

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- XXOO Tanya


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