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See exclusive content of Kianna

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kianna Captured!

New at Kianna Captured!

Intrepid spy Kianna Dior does not take her foes seriously. She views them as annoying obstacles to her missions rather than as legitimate threats to her safety. Kianna has had a few close calls, but nothing serious enough to make her doubt her skills or threatening enough to prompt her to watch her own back more carefully. She enjoys the unshakable conviction that she can thwart any adversary who attempts to tangle with her. Her arrogant attitude has served her well for years, perhaps too well. Kianna feels nearly invincible. Here and there she dutifully reminds herself to exercise more caution and then neglects to do so. Unbeknownst to the Asian beauty cunning jewel thief Damon Pierce has been watching her every move, just waiting for her to slip up.

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- XO Tanya


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