See exclusive content of Kianna

See exclusive content of Kianna

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Mannequin

New at my Fantasy Image Store: The Mannequin

"Model Kianna Dior arrives for a photo shoot. The cameraman is behaving oddly. Kianna regards him with puzzlement, gestures pointedly at her watch, and reminds him that he is paying her by the hour so they should probably get started. She inquires about what clothing he would like her to wear. Strangely, the cameraman offers no response besides waving his fingers in front of her face. "What are you doing?" Kianna exclaims. Right then she notices a book of magic spells lying on a table next to the photographer. "What is this?" she asks him laughingly. "Is this an instructional book on how to put spells on models?" The photographer merely continues waving his fingers in front of her face in a rhythmic motion. Kianna sets down the book and prepares to leave in disgust. All of a sudden she notices that her feet are rooted to the floor and her whole body feels incredibly heavy. Fear begins to palpitate within her as she loses all muscle control over her own body. She realizes too late that the photographer is succeeding in turning her into a mannequin!!"

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- XO Tanya


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