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See exclusive content of Kianna

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wife vs. Mistress

"Kianna Dior and Tanya Danielle live in the same condominium complex in Century City, California. Tanya has been sleeping with Kianna's husband. One fateful day Kianna discovers her husband's affair and she storms over to Tanya's unit to confront her. A short catfight ensues and Tanya beats her up, ties her to the bed with some men's neckties, and then has sex with her. After sating herself Tanya wanders out to her living room and curls up with a good book. She does not hear Kianna sneaking up behind her. Kianna briefly has the upper hand as she chokes Tanya with a necktie. It doesn't take long for Tanya to mount a comeback and a heated battle ensues.. "

What happens next?? To find out the answer watch for Wife vs. Mistress which will soon be available for download at!

XO Tanya


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