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See exclusive content of Kianna

Monday, December 29, 2008

Freezing the Competition #1

Now playing at Freezing the Competition #1

"Ms. Milf USA, Tanya Danielle, feels confident that she will win the Ms. Milf Universe crown as long as she can eliminate pesky Ms. Milf China. As it stands Ms. Milf China, Kianna Dior, is the only other contestant who has a rack as large as Ms. Milf USA. Tanya notices that Kianna does not seem threatened by her at all and she starts feeling a bit disquieted by Kianna's seemingly unshakable confidence. She decides to slip Kianna a potion that will freeze her into a statue and then rent out Kianna's frozen body as a high-dollar sex toy! After hatching this insidious plan Tanya starts buddying up to her nemesis and acting like her friend. Kianna does not suspect a thing. Several weeks pass by and then, on a given Wednesday, Tanya arrives at Kianna's house while several Ukrainian cohorts wait outside in a moving van. If everything goes according to plan Tanya will freeze Kianna with the magical potion, wrap her frozen body in an Oriental rug, and then the Ukrainians will carry their new Kianna statue outside to the van.. "

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