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See exclusive content of Kianna

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hot Under the Collar

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"Kianna Dior and Tanya Danielle have both been seeing the same man. They exchange angry words over the phone and agree to meet at Kianna's apartment. Kianna paces furiously back and forth, fuming to herself as she waits for the big-titted blonde to show up. At last Tanya comes flying through the door to confront Kianna. Inexplicably, both women are wearing turtleneck sweaters and long pants even though the sun is shining and it is 85 degrees outside. The sweat starts pouring as the women begin to brawl with one another. They tear the sweaters off each other's bodies, claw breasts, pull nipples, and rip out handfuls of hair as they struggle to determine who is the better woman.. "

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