See exclusive content of Kianna

See exclusive content of Kianna

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Artist

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Beautiful, well-known artist Kianna Dior constantly seeks out new talent to pose for her renderings. She manages to entice novice model Tanya Danielle into her studio. Tanya has never posed nude before, but Kianna encourages her to do so. "What if I take my clothes off too?" Kianna asks Tanya. She shocks Tanya by stripping naked, only leaving on her dark sunglasses. Tanya reluctantly disrobes as well. She stands in front of the artist feeling extremely vulnerable and self-conscious. From that point on things start going rapidly downhill for the hapless Tanya. Kianna orders Tanya to do degrading things to herself. Tanya demurs. For a moment Kianna glares at her and then with a horrifying flourish she rips off her dark glasses, stares into Tanya's face and snarls: "You have met the eyes of the last of the Gorgons, your lovely body is turning to stone.!"

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