See exclusive content of Kianna

See exclusive content of Kianna

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kianna stars in "Belly Fantasy #2"!

Predatory lesbian Kianna Dior meets Crystal Black and Tanya Danielle at a daytime beach party. She lures the two tipsy blondes back to her place and offers them each a glass of wine. She watches as the two of them sip the beverages and smiles inwardly because she has spiked the drinks with a love potion which will make them incredibly horny. When the potion wears off the ladies will remember nothing, This video, shot by hidden cameras, captures the series of escapades to which Kianna subjects Crystal and Tanya over the course of the day. Kianna has an intense belly fetish so she spends a great deal of time caressing their taut bellies and inducing them to do the same to her. Of course her deviant streak also compels her to handcuff the two blondes to a stripper pole, lure the ladies into her hot tub, drag them into her bedroom, and finally force them to have simultaneous, explosive orgasms atop her furry bedspread. The fact that Crystal and Tanya will never remember a thing about the day's adventures only amplifies Kianna's delight! (This video is a softcore selection.)

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