See exclusive content of Kianna

See exclusive content of Kianna

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Statue Maker - Take 4

Gorgeous Kianna Dior shows up for a shoot. To her puzzlement the cameraman refuses to speak to her. He merely focuses his camera on her and records her every move. Kianna tries to prod him by asking questions about the agenda for the day. She is eager to finish up quickly since she has a hot date later that evening. "Okay, I'm ready. What's the video? Is there a script?" No response. Kianna folds her arms and then taps her foot restlessly. "Why the heck did you ask me over? Just so you could point a video camera at me and test my patience?" She glares at the cameraman and then, for the first time, takes a really good look at his equipment. A faint warning bell goes off in her head. The camera looks really strange, like no video camera that she has ever seen before: "What kind of camera is that?" she inquires. "Is that some kind of antique or something? And what's with that weird light on top? That big red light?" She takes a step toward the cameraman, craning her neck to get a better look at the odd piece of equipment and then reads aloud some words written on the side of it: "MEDUSA-CAM?" She looks confused. "What is this? Some kind of magic camera? Are you trying to turn me into stone or something?" At this point, she makes it clear that she thinks the cameraman has lost his mind. She cracks up, mocks the cameraman, and then pretends to "turn into stone." In the midst of her charade, however, Kianna feels a strange sensation in her lower body. First her feet feel like they are becoming rooted to the ground, then her legs grow heavy, and slowly her hips and torso seem to be as dense and unwieldy as lead. Kianna is no longer laughing as she realizes - far too late - that magnetic rays emitted by the camera are turning her into a stone statue!!

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